Build, grow and manage your team in one place.

Teamshifter is an easy-to-use, frictionless, all-in-one HR software solution for growing companies that works on any device.

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Everything you need to automate your recruiting and hiring process in the cloud


No software to install, Teamshifter works on any internet browser on any device (laptop, PC, tablet, mobile)

Turbo-Charged Hiring

Throw away your paper job applications and Excel spreadsheets – Teamshifter will store everything related to your hiring process in one place.

Intuitive Workflows

Not a recruiting or hiring expert?  No problem.  Our system is designed by experienced recruiters to help guide you through the entire hiring process.

Search Capabilities

Looking for that candidate you interviewed two years ago?  Search through all of your data to easily find the candidate, job, or employee you are looking for.

Hiring Tools

Teamshifter is like an HR robot – you tell us what you need, we’ll take care of the rest, from job postings to applicant management, we’ve got your covered.

Online Applications

You’ll never need to see another paper job application again.  All candidate applications are done online and stored directly in your Teamshifter account.

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About Teamshifter

Our mission is to help our customers achieve 100% "hiring bliss".

Built by Recruiters

Teamshifter was designed and built by experienced recruiters who understand what it takes to achieve “hiring bliss”.

Easy to Customize

We understand that hiring is not a one-size-fits-all process, so we made it easy to customize Teamshifter to your specific needs.

Device Agnostic

Regardless of the device you are using, as long as you can access the internet, you can use Teamshifter.

Always On

Like any great recruiter, Teamshifter is heavily caffeinated and always working, even while you are sleeping.

Social Media-Ready

Teamshifter comes loaded with rich social media capabilities including tools to get your employees sharing job openings on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Professional support

Our dedicated Account Management team is always a phone call or email away to help solve your problems.  But please, no texting.


Paul Simpson

Paul brings 20+ years of software architecture and development experience to Teamshifter.  He loves coconuts, surfing, and playing the bagpipes.


Karen Wilson
VP of Marketing

Karen is passionate about digital marketing, branding and product development.  She has had her fair share of hiring blunders and loves being a part of the Teamshifter team, helping managers make better hiring decisions.

We started down this journey as recruiters and staffing professionals, identifying gaps in workflows many of our clients had.  Being passionate about automation, we set out to devise a system that could boil down the essence of hiring for non-recruiters and managers, specifically in the service industry where turn-over tends to run high.

Taking into account all of the innovations in the mobile and social landscape, we optimized the system to take full advantage of these opportunities.  We knew that about half of all job seekers conduct their job search on their mobile phones, and most companies haven’t yet caught up with this trend.  We saw examples of large, recognizable brand-name players experiencing record-high application drop-off rates on their job boards, primarily due to a poor user experience.  We set out to correct that.

We also saw a large number of retail operators still relying on paper job applications to track their candidates, and hiring being done with email and spreadsheets.  In this day and age where there is an “app for everything”, we were inspired to deliver a better option.

Most importantly, we are big proponents of “collaborative recruiting”, especially in the retail/hourly workplace sector where the candidate pool tends to be somewhat horizontal.  Who better then your own employees to refer the people they know for jobs at your locations?  We made sure to keep this in mind when building our solution, and are pleased to offer a product with such deep social media integrations.

And so, we bring you Teamshifter – the mobile (and social) hiring solution designed to help you achieve “hiring bliss”.



Teamshifter offers a pricing plan for any budget. Pay-as-you-go with no commitments. All pricing is monthly.

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